Manufactory Idea

La Tecton Studio Associati S.r.l. Società di architettura e servizi per l’ingegneria, viene fondata nel 1993 dall’architetto Carlo Farroni, i cui interessi e le cui attività di ricerca sono state da sempre proiettate verso un’apertura internazionale, rappresentando la continuazione in forma d’impresa dell’attività professionale svolta già a partire dal 1982 dall’attuale Direttore Tecnico.

The approach

Reliability and excellence of services

AIRES INGEGNERIA, based in Caserta (Italy), is an Engineering Firm, highly specialised in the development of projects, as well as in consulting services, in the field of Structural and Seismic Engineering.

The Firm is capable of carrying out specialised services in planning and in the supervision of works for new buildings, as well as structural investigations, safety assessments and testing services for rehabilitation interventions on existing structures. The services are performed by a core team of qualified engineers specialised in fields of seismic engineering completed by an efficient technical and administrative personnel.

The Firm has professional expertise and scientific knowledge of the founders, acquired during their 20-years working experience, which allow to offer innovating structural design solutions for increasingly more evolved architectural shapes.


The latest generation of anti-seismic technologies and strategies are an integral part of the structural design approach, relevant to both new and existing constructions (e.g. base-isolation tecniques or energy-dissipative systems)

The in-depth knowledge of the materials, of the techniques, as well as of the traditional constructive typologies, in particular of those forming part of the cultural heritage assets, allows working without difficulties on the restoration and seismic retrofitting designs.


The design approach on the existing buildings follows an integrated methodology, focusing on in-depth knowledge of the constructions, as a result of inspection and diagnosis activities, which represent other key activities of the Firm.

The inspection services include the geometrical and structural survey, with the support of the most innovative equipments and tools. This aspect is particularly important in the field of application concerning cultural heritage, where thanks to the use of new non-destructive methods, the rapid assessment of the constructive system is performed without damages. The Firm has access to numerous investigation and testing tools and equipments, either directly or through other business partners

Finally, thank to their extended experience, AIRES INGEGEGNERIA's experts play an active role also in the scientific context, as proven either by the collaboration with Italian Universities and Research Centres and by the production of scientific and technical reports.